This Award Winning documentary follows a disabled 21-year old, who was born HIV+, as he trains for an AIDS walk (6.2 miles) while educating about disabilities & HIV.  Assisting him along the way are a Quadriplegic Comic, an Amputee Paralympic Sprinter, a disabled Purple Heart Veteran and actors Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2 / Chocolat) and Regina Hall (Think Like A Man / Scary Movie.)


Invited to 18 film festivals, Winner of 2 Best Documentary Feature awards and 10-time nominee for Best Documentary Feature, the critically acclaimed WALK ON is a film that continues to educate and inspire audiences across the world. But most of all, it is a film that proves you can take that next step – no matter what struggles you face in life.

Areas of Academic & Institutional Interest

– Disabilities – Social Justice
– HIV / AIDS – Character Education
– Veterans Affairs – Sex Education
– Social Stigma – Tolerance & Acceptance
– Patient Education – Hospitals & Clinics
– Schools of Medicine – Social Work
– Disability Studies – Counseling
– Prosthetics – Nursing
– Physiatry Rehabilition –
– Physical & Occupational Therapy –
– Motivational & Public Speaking –